Our hybrid teeth whitening pens easily and effectively whiten your teeth in just minutes. You simply paint a thin layer on the visible surface of your teeth, let dry for a min or two and rinse. You will have a noticeable, brighter, whiter smile from the removal of staining. This gel is formulated to be smooth, luxurious and produce a fine foam that penetrates and whitens teeth in the most gentle manner. 


*avoid swallowing and direct contact with gums and salivary flow*



Hybrid Teeth Whitening Pen

    • convenient, quick and easy way to whiten your smile
    • ideal maintenance pen for on-the-go touch ups
    • target tooth specific stains 
    • easy-to-use : simply paint the visible surfaces of teeth 
    • contains the highest dental-grade ingredients
    • perfect for people with sensitive teeth, red wine, tea and coffee drinkers and smokers
    • safe for veneers, caps and crowns
    • smile with confidence